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The Spianata

The Spianata is a soft focaccia bread, ideal solution for every day bread, sandwiches or base for pizza.
The origins of this bread goes back to Arabs invasions of Sardinia.

Spianata is an ideal alternative to normal bread, perfect with cheese and salami or as a pizza base.

The Spianata shows all its taste after been warm-up for few minutes in the owen.

Nuvolette di Pane or Mini-Fagottino are different sizes of Spianata-bread, especially made for preparing snacks, sandwiches or appetizers.

Spianata Mini 250g

Pieces / ct: 20
Shelf-life: 120dd


Spianata Mini 400g

Pieces / ct: 12
Shelf-life: 120dd


Spianata Maxi 400g

Cartone da 20pz.
Scadenza: 120gg


Nuvolette di Pane 250g

Pieces / ct: 18
Shelf-life: 60dd


Mini Fagottino 300g

Pieces / ct: 18
Shelf-life: 60dd